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Mairead is a naturally-gifted psychic and healer with over 20 years experience. She has worked with thousands of people worldwide from all walks of life. Within seconds of connecting to the energy of her client she can provide detailed and accurate information on health, relationships, career direction, investments, social and global trends, and past lives. Mairead receives information intuitively, through thought forms, images, and remote viewing.

Mairead is also an actress and TV presenter - featured in many commercials and Netflix The Crown season one.

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She has had excellent results with a wide range of physical and emotional ailments, using medical clairvoyance and channelled energy work, which include epilepsy, tinitus, back pain and carpal tunnel syndrone, and depression.

Mairead has performed on television in Living T.V. 'Mystic Challenge' and 'Jane Goldman' investigates. She has worked on theatre platform, been positively featured in numerous press articles, worked in Australia, and run workshops in Eire and Italy. She also runs life/psychic development workshops and designs and creates jewellery alongside her private practice in W1.


Medical Clairvoyant

Mairead has the ability to 'see' into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; an invaluable tool for diagnosing health imbalances. Her findings have been verified over time. For example she is able to 'see' into the heart, its valves and chambers, determine bone density, detect allergies and viruses, read hormone levels, as well accurately 'read' the emotional, mental, and soul state of the person.

Mairead recognises the importance of locating the origin and cause of any imbalance, stress or illness and uses her clairvoyance and her clients input to do so. (It is important to note that Mairead is not a trained medic and she acknowledges the possibility of inaccuracy. She encourages clients to check her findings against her intuitive diagnosis.)





"Mairead's sessions literally changed my life. She freed me from 4 years of misery with back pain, M.E., hormonal imbalance and depression. Now I can live my life to the fullest once again. Thank you".

 Fiona : Physiotherapist and Pilates teacher.

"Having psychic healing with Mairead is truly a life transforming experience. It has benefitted my emotional, physical and mental well being in so many ways. Each session leaves me feeling empowered. I can highly recommend her".

 Kathryn: Reiki teacher

 (www.kathrynshah.com) - Angel courses, Reiki.

 www.chisuk.org.uk - Complementary Healthcare Information Service - UK.

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